Tuesday, March 30, 2010


So lately I have been bathing in new music and discovered that I take most lyrics to heart. They speak to my soul and I find that I connect myself with most songs. Is that a bad thing?

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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Emporer's New Groove

Do you see these beautiful girls? Yeah. They are my friends. I have two friends in Peru. I am that cool. The other night, I had the opportunity to skype with them. I took a few pictures on my computer but I cannot find them at the moment and I have been looking for a good thirty minutes. My apologies Natalie and Talia. Ok so their names are Natalie and Talia. They are my friends. Even though I am secretly in love with Talia. It's not so much a secret anymore. 24 days until they come home. Talia will be going to Ogden and Natalie will be going to the sunny state of Arizona. I can not wait to be reunited with them. They are all laughs. If you don't know who they are, get on that. They are amazing people to have in your life and amazing friends. The friends that you will have for years and years. See you in a while girls. Talia. I am single.

pictures via Natalie's blog.(i don't know how to do a friggen link)

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Never-Ending Lists

twenty five things that make me smile a little bit . . .

1. Getting warm from the steam of the dishwasher.

2. A new pair of jeans.

3. Fortune Cookies.

4. Seeing Shape-Up's on campus.

5. Getting commission off a $500 sale.

6. Adding music to my iPod.

7. Finishing the whole burrito at Cafe Rio.

8. Making new friends.

9. Watching Polaroids develop before your eyes.

10. "Extra Shot Mondays" and sometimes Tuesdays.

11. Paying it Forward.

12. Hanging with my cousins.

13. Freckles.

14. Beating Super Mario Bros. and Mario Kart.

15. Going out to breakfast with friends.

16. Crossing things off a "To-Do" list.

17. Working hard for a good grade.

18. Getting a girl's number.

19. Banana Cream Pie and Samoa Cookies.

20. Rearranging my furniture.

21. Whitening my teeth.

22. Having sore muscles after working out.

23. Finishing off a gallon of milk.

24. Treating Little Rojita to a nice car wash.

25. Watching flowers bloom in the Spring.

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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Open Your Golden Gate

I get off the plane. Head to the baggage claim. I've experienced this many times before.I give a quick smirk to the beautiful punk rocker chick that entertained me during the two hour flight. I step outside between the automatic glass doors and am immediately engulfed with the crisp California air that smells of cut grass, salt, and cigarettes. The warm, golden sun feels good on my pale skin. The seventy five degree weather makes me wish I had worn a pair of cut offs and Rainbow sandals. I then glance and find myself admiring the newly washed black Toyota Sequoia that pulled up in front of me. Big arms wrap around me and I then realize that my uncle, with jet black hair perfectly styled on top of his handsome model-like face, had decided to pick me up rather than my over-the-top aunt.

I am home.

The thirty minute drive to Danville seemed like seconds while I was consumed with discussing stocks, life, and girls with my Macedonian uncle. Through out the drive I felt as if the wind in my lungs was taken from me by the beautiful green slopes and hills of California. When I arrived last summer they were golden yellow, but at this time of year they are a lush, deep green that was simply captivating. We get off the freeway in which I was much to familiar with. Winding down a few roads I see Old Blackhawk Rd. and a smile was forced bigger than ever. I step out of the car, grab my luggage, and open the house door without knocking.


The two golden retrievers rushed to my side while knocking me down with their weight. Although I won't always admit it, I love these dogs. No matter how much they lick, slobber, and shed. My aunt then rushes in with that loud, high voice of hers, and embraces me for a few minutes.

Had it really been 4 months since I had last seen all of them? It was under completely different circumstances. Loss of a loved one really does bring family together.

We proceeded to catch up for countless hours without missing any details. I can tell the details without worrying about racking up the phone bill. Between sun bathing, hockey games, shopping, laughing, crying, surgery, hockey games, frozen yogurt, longboarding, hugging, kissing, prom, and goodbyes . . . the days passed much too quickly. And here I am, laying in my bed with a bag of Sour Patch Kids, and my Political Science book wishing I were somewhere else. Isn't it funny that no matter where we are, we always wish we were somewhere else?

Back to reality for me. Thank you Spring, for Breaking.

Lonely Boy

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Laugh Out Loud

It is 12:30 and I still have not packed for San Fran. Instead I am watching Gossip Girl while eating Girl Scout Cookies.

I leave at 8 in the morn. It could be worse, right?

I get to see friends and family.

I need this break.

Next time you'll hear from me I'll be in The Bay!

Lonely Boy

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Starry Night

As I sit in my bedroom filled with non-mated socks, and coke cans half full my dancing thoughts prance around in my head. I have a lot on my mind these days. Not in a bad way . . . but just a lot of thinking has taken place. In two days I will be in a bustling city with complete strangers passing by with millions of different stories behind their pasts.

I can't wait.

I am excited for it.

I am excited for the unknown future.

Most days it gives me anxiety but I have this confident feeling that I am ready for it and that good things are coming my way no matter how hard the past few years have been for me.

I am excited for San Francisco.

I am excited for the Summer sun and the countless trips to Bob's Brainfreeze on my longboard just like the times I had in junior high.

I can't wait to travel to China and have my life change for years to come.

I am excited to travel the world with loved ones and grow a little bit with every flight I take.

I am excited to settle down and become a man.

I am excited for my journey to find love. To see if it actually exists beyond film, and recycled paper.

I am excited to have children and to give them endless opportunities.

I am excited for life

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Solid Euphoria

Ok so life at SLCC can be very entertaining. For example, yesterday in my Political Science class I simply over heard a few fellas behind me discussing their weekend plans. I then heard a sentence that will forever be engraved in my head. "I got an eye infection from too much go-go dancing."

Need I say more?

So my dear friend, Amanda here, always meets me in the Student Center every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday and usually brings me a lunch, coffee, or water bottle. Basically, I have her eating out of the palm of my hand. Anyways, while walking on campus a few weeks ago I saw a poster that would forever change my life.


My stomach dropped and my heart started beating really fast. If any of you are confused on who she is . . . here she is.

So basically I planned my schedule accordingly and luckily had the day off at Urban Blues. But I did have to reschedule my Sign Language Lab to witness this life changing event.

Let's just say that I was laughing before she was even on stage just at the thought. We made eye contact a few times, but I didn't get her number or even propose.

She graced us with her musical talents and she pulled at my heart strings like she did with her guitar.


I even got a picture with her. It will be a day that I will never forget. In case you didn't know how excited I was about it, I stayed up late last night just at the thought. Like a child in bed on Christmas Eve. I hope to meet her again some day.

Lonely Boy

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


I stole this idea from this amazing blog.

Ashley is a friend and co-worker and is an amazing person. Check her blog out. She is a super talented writer and poet.

Well here are twenty places I would rather be right now ...

1. Sitting at the Golden Gate Park with a Canon Rebel making art out of the simplicity of life.

2.Making sandcastles in the warm, golden sand in Newport Beach.

3. Handing out trinkets to orphans in the Marshall Islands.

4. Consumed in a thrilling novel in Paris.

5. On a boat in Lake Powell surrounded by good company.

6. Watching the rain fall while sitting in a window seat at a cafe in Seattle.

7. On a road trip with Bryan Wright, Ryan Reese, and Ryan Baylis.

8. Running the Barcelona Marathon.

9. Sitting in a box seat on Broadway.

10.Surfing off the coast in Australia.

11.Sitting at Milk, or Ketchup with Lauren Conrad and Brody Jenner talking about life.

12.Sitting on top of an elephant in Thailand.

13. Vibin' on girls in Jersey with ma boiz Vinnie and Pauly D.

14. Designing my own jean line in New York.

15. Fishing off the Alaskan shore with Natalie Allen.

16. Soaring through the air in England on my Firebolt with my invisibility cloak so the muggles won't see me.

17. Signing with the Deaf Community at Gallaudet University.

18. Taking a power nap in a hammock in Jamaica.

19. Catching some rays in Key West.

20.With my mom walking through the cobbled streets in Greece.

(thanks ash. can't wait for smashburger)

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

I'm Free Falling

As of lately, I have been hearing these two words come out of my mouth too much. . . "What If..?"

I don't particularly enjoy saying these words, but they seem to linger around my thoughts and enjoy my company.

I feel as if the most crucial years in life are right now.

The pressure to make the right decisions, take the right courses in school, date the right person, and live in the right place are lurking around in all familiar places.

what if life was predictable?

what if I lived in Seattle?

what if I went on a mission?

what if I was a doctor?

what if my soul mate is in another state?

what if I was raised in a different family?

what if the annoying kid in front of me in Psychology caught the swine and couldn't make it to class for a few weeks?

what if I was a millionaire, how would I spend my money?

what if Lauren Conrad discovered that we would make an awesome couple?

what if I could succeed in being a stylist

what if I pursued my running abilities?

what if life was easy?

what if . . .

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

On My Own

Love ... What is love? I really want to know. I guess I see it every day. Do you know what love is? Give me the definition.

LOVE[luhv]:noun. 1.tender, passionate affection.

2. Strong, personal liking.

3. Person toward whom love is felt.

Our world revolves around this four letter word. This word is being said at least once every four seconds somewhere in this world. While at work, I counted hearing this word eleven times in a seven hour shift.

"Oh my gosh! I love these Hudson's!" or

"This shirt is only six bucks?! I love it even more!" or my favorite

"I just love these crocheted headwraps! ..."

now is this word being said too much? Do people really love these material items? To me, the word love means someone/thing you cannot live without. Jeans are just jeans. They can be replaced after a few rips and tears. But what about a lover? I see people every day who claim they are in love and yet they break up a few weeks or months after. I don't know what love is. So who am I to judge? I've never been in love. or so I think. "Love" is over rated. Highly unrealistic. Wildly fanciful.

This feeling of love is depicted in books, movies, songs, poetry, advertisements, etc, etc. But is it real? Does love exist? These are my thoughts. And that's the way the cookie crumbles.

Lonely Boy.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Upside Down Frowny Face

Ok ... so I have this confession ...I am an over-analyzer.

My thoughts just race around my head like the horses at the Kentucky Derby. Different scenarios of my life come in to my mind with a variety of outcomes. I like to know what my future looks like. I despise having nothing but the unknown ahead of me.

I love making lists and the sweet feeling of success when I get to cross certain items off. It's like a drug to me. So one of these lists I created was a list of qualities I want in a girlfriend. Of course this list is almost never ending, but some important ones are as follows:

*Funny. Can tell a good joke and laugh at one

*Hard-working. Doesn't just hope to rely on the fruits of my labors

*Confident. Knows who she is and what she wants

*Gamer. Can play Super Mario Bros for a few hours without getting bored

*Loves Harry Potter and Tay Swift(not together of course)

*Is content with being boring on a Friday night and just cozying up in bed while watching a movie or two

*Cares about herself. Working out. Looking nice. Dressing fashionable(call me shallow.)

*Can have a good time at a hoppin dance party

That is only about 1/20 of the list but you get the jist.

Anyways, what I was saying is that I think I have found a girl with 98% of these qualities ... minus she's a Lady Gaga fan ....... yikes.

But anyways I think she may be my Summer Roberts. She just doesn't know I am her Seth Cohen. I am definitely interested. She thinks I am a player cuz I have kissed a few of her friends (hey. it's not my fault) but how do I prove to her otherwise? Blogging world. I need your help. Help a brotha out.

Thanks. Lonely Boy.