Friday, June 11, 2010

And I Was Like . . . .

Baby, Baby, Baby Nooooo

So this week, I have been told that I look like Justin Bieber.

or Justin Bieber's older brother.

or what Justin Bieber will look like in five years.

I have heard this from about 69 people.

ok . . about ten. but ten in one week! WTF! I don't see it and was kind of offended the first time my boss told me of this doppleganger.

I know I look a little young, but THAT young?

I don't think so.

Salt Lake Lonely Boy

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Love is Blooming

It's that time of year . . .

Wedding Season

yeah . . tell me about it. As I watch the smiling faces, and diamond rings cover my fridge with that glossy embossed photo paper, the more I watch The O.C. and realize how pitiful life can be.

I recently went to one of my friend's receptions in Pepperwood that was simply beautiful. Very classy. Let's just say the bride's mom might be related to Jackie O, Oprah, or Michelle Obama. That kind of classy. I took a hot date, and got all styled up for my fourth reception in four weeks. (One a week isn't too bad I suppose.)

So any-who, as I leave, there was a basket filled with tissue paper in the shape of a flower that had some goodies inside. Me being a fat ass, I grab three or four of course. As I get in my car with my beautiful date, I open up this ball of tissue to discover these little black particles in the shape of rocks about the size of Willy Wonka's NERDS. I didn't know what they were so I shoved them all in my mouth. There was no taste, so I went on to the next bag . . . . still nothing. Then the next bag . . . nothing. I realize that maybe I should read what they say on them.

"Thanks for coming to our wedding and watching our love Bloom."

uhhh . . . I have no clue what they are. So when I get home, I show my mom the bag and she says, "Oh my gosh! How cute! They wrapped up wild flower seeds in this beautiful tissue paper! That is such a cute idea."

Well there you have it, ladies and gentlemen. I am going to be sprouting wild flowers out of my nose, ears, and mouth in only a matter of weeks.

All those little seeds need is sunshine and Salt Lake is not getting much of that as of lately.

SL Lonely Boy