Monday, January 31, 2011

Here I Am, Waiting . . .

Here I am, sitting in my warm comfy bed, waiting for it to happen. You know what I am talking about. That terrible


to happen. It seems as if, in my experience, whenever life is going better than planned, something comes in to my life like a tornado leaving open wounds and scars as it comes roaring in. Life is too great. This is too good to be true. I am sitting here, waiting for it to happen. I'm ready for it. And I am gonna hit it head on with a smile on my face because right now, nothing can take this happiness away from me.


Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Do You Ever . .

. . have those days where you wake up and think how great it is to be you?

have those days where everything happens just perfectly?

have those days where you feel so much love from people around you that you are about to explode?

have those days where you can't wipe the smile off your face?

have those days where everything just feels right?

I never truly realized how great life can be. I used to always focus on the negatives in my life and what I need to improve.

China changed me

Not only did I grow fond of Asians, but I matured. I have become so grateful. I have looked at my life and realized how blessed I am. In every day there are thousands of things that you don't notice that make this world complete. I am so lucky to have the opportunity to receive a good education. I am so lucky to have such a strong family support system. I am so lucky to surround myself with awesome friends who love me for me. I am so lucky to be an American. I am so lucky to live the life I do.

My birthday was awesome. It seems that every year that passes, birthdays are less and less exciting. Which I am ok with. I woke up and had breakfast with my awesome neighbors and friends. I received countless text/phone calls/owls to wish me an awesome birthday. I was greeted by warming hugs and friendly voices as I walked to class. I was sung to in the Library by familiar and unfamiliar faces. I had lunch and coffee with an amazing girl. I went to see a Sundance film, The Music Never Stopped(which was amazing)

with my best friend and others. I came back to Brownies on my bed. I talked with loving family members and friends who are all across the nation who stopped with their busy lives to wish me a happy birthday. I went to bed with a permanent smile on my face.

I am one lucky dawg.

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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

happy birthday to me

It's official.

I'm 21

So far I have gotten a couple of these . . .

and one of these . . .

and I got to spend it with the girl I'm diggin these days. Well it's only 2 in the morn, so I have all day to celebrate but it's been awesome so far! I never thought I would ever be this old.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Forgive Me

for making some changes. I am no longer Salt Lake Lonely Boy. I feel like I made this when I was in a weird state in life. Here I am, up in Logan, surrounded by good friends and company.

You know what I love lately? Making music with friends. I am so angry at my parents for letting me quit Piano, Guitar, and Voice Lessons. Oh well, I still have fun.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Life Is What You Make It

Where do I even BEGIN?!

These past few months have been a little crazy. I wish I could write about it all, but I know that I would be able to write for hours and not fill this post with enough details and stories as I would like. I am back up at Utah State and I am loving every minute of it. Even if I sold my car before I came up. Even if the temperatures are so cold that it hurts my lungs to breathe. Even if there are thousands of "Sweet-Bro's" and "Molly Mo's." (Sweet-Bro: Boy who uses the word "DUDE" and "TIGHT" every other word. They often wear Hollister Polos with Laguna Beach jeans with thick white stitching every where. Molly Mo: Girl who poofs her hair higher than Snooki who wears Aeropostale sweatsuits and is counting down the days until she meets her Eternal Companion.) I love Logan and have missed it so much. Everything is falling in to place and life is so good.

China was great. Seriously there is not an hour that goes by in which I don't stop and think about my experiences there. I often find myself figuring out what time it is there and thinking, "Right now my students are . . . doing their morning exercises." or " . . . cleaning their terrible dormitories." or " . . . eating their meals that consist of tofu, noodles, chicken feet, and pumpkin."

I miss it. I really do. It was good for me. I learned a lot about life and about myself. I learned things that are unobtainable in a classroom. I learned patience beyond belief. I now have a comfort that I could travel anywhere in the world and it would be easy.

I grew a love for the Chinese people and culture and I never thought that it would have been possible. I saw things that I only dreamt about. I had encounters with people and things that I never thought would actually happen in real life. It was awesome.

I took tons of pictures.

The Great Wall

An Assembly

Dinner provided by my student

Riding an electric horse with Leah

Buddhist Temples

Spectacular Views

Fortune Tellers

Mystical Mountains

Junior Students

Lady bathing in the Yangze River

Just a Camel

Students Track Meet

Yangshuo, China



Bamboo Raft

I'd kill to be there right now

Leah walking in Ningyuan

Homeless Man

You never see a chinese person being goofy

My Boys

Saying Goodbye

Making dumplings with my students

"Stink Street" - Self Explanatory

Merry Christmas

Signing Autographs

I must have said something inappropriate

Break Dancing

My Little Brother and Best Friend Parker


Last Minute Asian Haircut

Kissing American Soil


It really was an amazing experience and I talk about it whenever I can. It was life changing and I hope to go back someday.

I finished my first day of classes in Logan and I'm excited to see what this semester will bring. Now that I am in a country where Blogger is not blocked, you'll be hearing from me more often. I know you missed me.

Salt Lake Lonely Boy Who Lives In Logan