Monday, August 8, 2011

Mother Teresa

I wanted to start this post off with a photo, but my computer has been on the fritz and isn't allowing me. Sorry if it's boring.

I've always been inspired by my mom, but only recently have I truly been astounded by her as a being. Every one says they have the greatest parents, but I really am so lucky to have the ones I have. My mom is wonder woman. She has been through hell and back and still has a smile on her face. She is the most selfless person I have ever met and I don't know how she does it.

Hm. . where to begin. . My mom has had struggles that not that many people can overcome with such diligence. She is the youngest of 4 children by 16 years. She wasn't too close to her siblings in her childhood because when she went out with them, people would assume that her sisters were here mother. All of her siblings were married by the time my mom was 8 and so she grew up somewhat isolated but remained close to her friends and her parents. My mom always valued education and even when she married my father at the age of 20, she continued on with school even while having children. She graduated from BYU, and went on to Grad School at the U for Social Work. After having my 2 older sisters, her mother passed away of a heart attack. Something that would take years for my mom to cope with. My mom was always a helper. She helped my dad out while starting various businesses. She helped my grandpa when he was too old to live by himself. She always missed work when it came to class projects and show and tell. My mother was always there. She never got much recognition while growing up and it somewhat makes me sad. My mother even opened up her heart to 2 more children. My adopted brother and sister. She knew it was right and loves them as if they are her own. It wasn't an easy process, but she knew it would be worth it. After adopting them, my mom went back to the Marshall Islands (where my brother and sister are from) for a humanitarian trip. After coming back, she decided she wanted to open up an adoption agency. She immediately went to work while still maintaining 40 hours a week at work, being a full time mom, and still hanging out with her friends and husband. She opened up the adoption agency and saved hundreds of lives. One of the many things I admire her for. She has always put others first, a quality I wish I could obtain. After she opened the agency in 2001, her father then passed away of cancer. Another low blow in her life. She trudged on and still knew she had to keep going. I gave her a lot of grief through junior high and high school, especially when my parents told me they were getting a divorce in the 9th grade. I was angry and blamed my mom. My dad moved out to Sandy and my mom moved 8 houses down to a smaller home still in my high school boundaries. A sacrifice she made for me. She wasn't receiving any financial assistance from my dad and still managed to buy a house and raise her kids in her home. Her faith never wavered and she was always still strong in the church. Throughout the past years, we've been close and we've been distant but her love for me never changed. She has always been supportive in whatever I have chosen to do. She is always there for every choir performance. She is always there at the finish line of every race. She is always there on the other end of the phone when I need her help and advice. She is always there when I need help moving out. My mother is always there for me. She would drop (and has done it countless times) anything for any of her children. She has the biggest heart. She always works 110% with everything she is given. She was recently put in as the Relief Society President of our ward. Something she was confused about. "Why would the Lord put a 50 year old single divorcee as an example for the ladies of the ward?" Because she's amazing.

Lately I have found myself bragging about my mom to everyone I come in contact with. She's amazing. This post may be boring to most of you, but I've been wanting to write this for a very long time. So thank you mom! For simply making this world a better one. Love you.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

You Get This A Lot

Sorry Blogger World, I neglected you once again. I just get caught up in life and often forget about my blog until I receive some text messages from friends and loved ones that tell me I need to start blogging. Well, I'll be better. I promise.

I deactivated my Facebook for a couple weeks because it was starting to take over my life and it caused some unnecessary drama. Whenever I do this, I resort to blog stalking and have been truly inspired by a lot of your blogs. Boy have I been missing out these past couple of months.

I will just go right in to telling you what my Summer has consisted of. It has had it's ups and downs. I have felt euphoric happiness and also wallowing loneliness. I have felt more broke than MC Hammer and felt as wealthy as a Kardashian. I've worked a lot, and played a lot. I've put myself out there and experienced things I have never encountered. I have made some new awesome friends and distanced myself from others. I've read some interesting books while learning life lessons with each chapter. I've learned to love myself and have grown as a human being.

Let's start back in May. I finished an awesome semester of school, met a ton more people (one girl in particular), and tested my patience by living in a house with 2 roommates who drove me nuts. I got pretty good grades, worked a lot, and looked forward to the Summer. In the middle of May, I took part in a roadtrip/drive to work with my best friend Jeff. While driving, we managed to get one speeding ticket, locked the keys in the car, almost got in an accident, got flashed by 3 teenage girls, and almost hit a deer. We stopped in Vegas for a night and did some gambling and took advantage of our hella tight suite that was FREE. We got to Moreno Valley and met our Summer Sales team. I went in with a bad attitude and told myself that I was going to hate every single person besides Jeff. Turns out, they're some pretty funny people. It was hard getting adjusted to the really conservative return missionaries who talked about the church 24/7 while leaving an amazing girl who I got really close with. May was hard. It was challenging, but I loved it.

June consisted of a lot of days at the beach/pool and a lot of long days at work. We went to a Dodger's Game, Sky High Trampoline Park (where Darin and Corbin rolled their ankles), and a lot of days at the beach. ha. Sales were pretty good, but there are a lot of distractions while living in Southern California. It wasn't until June that I started to love being here. These guys are kind of big tools, but we are all so different that it makes us a good group. I let my walls come down and became really close with all of them. I was bribed to go to church by my roommates who gave me a couple hundred dollars worth of Godiva chocolate covered strawberries. It was worth it. I flew back to Salt Lake at the end and participated in my dad's wedding. It was kind of bittersweet. I mean, I am so happy for him and this new life of his, but it wasn't as easy as I thought it would. I got to hang out with my girl all weekend and even experience some eventful evenings with my friends from high school and from my old workplace at Urban Blues. I loved the trip although it went by too quick. I didn't want to leave girl(which created problems in the future)

July came quick and I was engulfed with a lack of motivation to sell and was welcomed with some fun visitors from Utah. The 4th of July was an awesome experience. We all went to Huntington Beach and watched the fireworks being launched from the pier. I have always loved fireworks and I have always loved the beach so having them both at the tips of my fingers was utter bliss. Friends came and went. The weather got warmer and all I wanted was to be on a lake in Utah on a wakeboard surrounded by good friends and good drinks. The frustrations of doing a long distance relationship definitely took a toll on me. Things were good and things were bad. Jealousy came and went, but the tension never ceased. Who knows what will happen when I get back but as for now, I miss the random sweet texts/phonecalls. The late night Skype talks. The crinkled nose and perfect smile when I tell a cheesy joke. The random picture messages. and our Sunday talks on the phone while I walked around in my empty apartment while my roommates were at church. I miss the plans we made for when I got home. Will they happen? Who knows?

August arrived at my door fairly earlier than expected. Sales have been alright but like I said, no motivation. My mother and sister are in Newport Beach and are taking me home tomorrow while I say goodbye to this Southern California lifestyle that I have enjoyed for 3 months. I was planning on staying longer but I made plans to come home to be with girl but now my girl has been replaced by my dog. cheers. I will be working a couple of jobs for a couple of weeks before I move back up to school. I have a Bear Lake trip planned as well. It should be a good time.

It seems as if for the past 4 years my life has been in cardboard boxes and luggage containers. Between Salt Lake, Logan, San Francisco, Salt Lake, China, Logan, Los Angeles, and then Logan. I am excited for our new place and for the next school year. I have somewhat mixed feelings but am ready for the future and what it has in store for me. Well now that we're all caught up, I will promise to be better at blogging.